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October 9th, 2005

07:36 pm: its been a long time
so its been like foreva sence ive updated this(the truth is i forgot i even had it. if you want to see something i update more often go to me xanga http://www.xanga.com/fairy_power or you can check out me myspace http://www.myspace.com/fairypower i cant really think of much to say right now but ill update again tom.

well i did go ice skating today. i have some pics on http://photobucket.com/albums/b271/NickSex777/ if you want to go see them. but i couldnt put all of them on couse that photobucket got full (thats why i have several)

well talk to all of you later

*Peace and Love*

August 21st, 2005

11:46 am: Damn! Where did all my chemicals go?
I want a lover I don't have to love
I want a girl who's too sad to give a fuck
Where's the kid with the chemicals?
I thought he said to meet him here
But I'm not sure
I've got the money
If you've got the time
You said, "It feels good"
I said "I'll give it a try"

I want a lover I don't have to love
I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk
And where's the kid with the chemicals?
I got a hunger and I can't seem to get full
I need some meaning I can memorize
The kind I have always seems to slip my mind soooooooooooo.......
i was asked what kind of girls i like
So yesterday i went into my bathroom
and like i always do
i sung me a song in the mirror
well it was the one above
and i was lookin like Courtney Love
only the youth male version
and ill let you guess what i was doing
and if you dont know who she is
then watch the Pamala Anerson Roast
and then i started laughing and said
"i dont think i need any more chemicals"
so i said....
ohh yea i like girls..
you know those ones with
three legs, two heads, three eyes,
skinny, preferably pale
with bleach blonde hair
and bright blue eyes.

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Bright Eyes-Lover I Don't Have To Love
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August 18th, 2005

12:14 am: my scedual
semester 1
1/health 1/starling
2/computer animation 1/timmons
3/study hall/--
6/american history/coley
7/integrated life science/cox

semester 2
1/study hall/--
2/computer animation 1/timmons
3/photography 1/watkins
6/american history/coley
7/integrated life science/cox

August 9th, 2005

12:42 am: sickness
ive been sick for the past few days
so i havnt felt like updating
and truthfully i dont want to
right now couse im still sick
so talk to you all later.

*Peace and Love*

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: fall out boy-from under the cork tree
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August 4th, 2005

06:45 pm: wilL anD jacK
ok well i obviosly didnt update at 1
my power went out eairlyer today
and when it came back on
i had to get ready to go to the school
for that damn "raideR checK iN" thing
and that was the most fucked up thing ever
it took way too damn long
but i did get my picture taken
and i dont think it turned out bad

anyways i dont think i looked like that
at the time of the taking of the pic
they must have had an image altering
machine there just to fuck with me
its a CONSPERISY i tell you
that will be the headline of the newspapers in a few years
so anyways i love that show
"wilL anD jacK"
otherwise known as wilL anD gracE
ohh yea and does any one.....
other than me.....
listen to "bellA anD sebastiaN"
they make some great music
if you want to listen to them
im about to add some of there songs to my "MUSIC" page
on my website, you can listen to it there
or to go directally to it...
oh and i love this shirt
but you cant really see it very well

well im getting off here now


August 3rd, 2005

09:26 pm: im just getting started
well i think im going to start using this now too. i already have a Xanga Fairy_Power. I have a Myspace too fairypower. and some other random websites also www.NickSexton.com and more.
well im fealing really crapy about myself because i was supposed to go over to my friend Heather's house on monday, but i couldnt make it couse i had to go to several doctor appointments from 11:00AM till 6:00PM. yea 7 fuckin' hours oh SHIT. then when i got home i had a bunch more shit to do, and inbetween doing that stuff i had to stop and eat dinner. and i didnt get done with ever thing till about 10:00-10:30 and i dont think her dad will let me come over that late without staying the night. and at no time did i decide to take the time and call her and at least explane why im not comming over. so she probly sat there for a while waiting for me until she finally gave up on me. oh yea and to make it even worse i still havnt talked to her, but i actually did try to call her. but they said she was at her moms. and like the bitch i must be, i didnt call her moms house and talk to her there. well im sorry for borring any one with that story but i felt that i needed to get that off my chest.
well ill update with something more interesting at like 1 in the mourning jsut so it'll say i did it on the next day.
so the only way ill continue to use this is if someone tells me that they wish to continue to read it.
well im done for now.
*Peace and Love*

Current Mood: crappycrappy
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